The Canadian Urban Institute is leading the development of an online data platform to visualize and track emissions associated with buildings in Toronto’s 2030 District in downtown Toronto. The platform will be designed to engage stakeholders and track progress towards the deep GHG reductions needed to meet Ontario, Toronto and the 2030 District’s GHG targets.



Winter 2017/2018: network building and data collection

Spring/Summer 2018: platform development

Late Summer 2018: platform launch

Fall 2018 – Spring 2019: outreach and engagement


To cut district-wide emissions in half, including zero-emissions from new buildings by 2030.

Support a better understanding of where and why GHG emissions occur across the District.

Work in partnership with building owners, service providers and conservation groups to accelerate the adoption of best practices for building design and management.

Facilitate broad stakeholder dialogues to uncover and overcome systemic barriers to GHG emissions reduction


This project is funded by proceeds from the Government of Ontario’s carbon market, as part of Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan. The action plan and carbon market work together to support innovative initiatives that provide residents and businesses with more choices to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and save money.

Toronto 2030 Platform Partners: 

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